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Domaines Schlumberger Saering Riesling 2012

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The colour is light yellow with green reflections, of average intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.The nose is frank, pleasant, intense and elegant. We perceive a dominant of fruity fragrances, candied, citrus fruits, lemon, spices, ginger, exotic fruits, and pineapple. Airing enhances the previous aromas and accentuates the citrus fruits, the lemon, it shows a fine smoky mineral definition. The profile of this wine, still a little austere, reflects the personality of the terroir, slow to appear. THe ripeness and health of the grapes are excellent.The onset in the mouth is moderately rich, with balanced alcohol support. The wine evolves in a medium with a strict liveliness, marked by a sparkling note. The range of aromas is similar to that of the nose, dominated by citrus fruits, green and yellow lemons, spices, ginger, persisting exotic pineapple and this underlying smoky mineral touch. The finish has a beautiful length, 9-10 caudalies and a sharp liveliness. I like the balance of this wine, fresh and tonic. It expresses a dry, pure and crystalline profile. To be kept in cellar a little longer, time will allow this wine to reach a great maturity.
Category White Wine
Country France
Region Alsace
Appellation Alsace Grand Cru
Brand Domaines Schlumberger
Alcohol/vol 12.5%