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Mahr's Brau Bamberger Original Ungespundet Lager hefetrüb 500ml Bottle

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The hazy, unfiltered lager of your dreams, with unbelievable body, freshness, and flavor. We gave a bottle of "Ungespundet" to Michael Jackson, and he promptly made it the Oktoberfest selection of the Michael Jackson "World Beer Tour." Mahr's is a rare example of artisanal brewing in a land that is lately beset by increased mass production, consolidation, and narrowing of popular tastes. A larger brewery simply could not make beer like this - unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bursting with flavor. Ask the brewer what makes these beers so much better, and he will say that it is the time and care taken in the brewing, and above all the highest-quality, specially selected ingredients.
Category Lager
Country Germany
Brand Mahr's Brau
Alcohol/vol 5.2%